Okay, I am fucking sick and fucking tired of these fucking posts about rape! RAPE IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY! Joke about anything else you want, tumblr… 

Joke about child pornography, joke about loli, joke about murder, joke about drugs, but DON’T FUCKING JOKE ABOUT RAPE! Rape DESTROYS a woman, it STRIPS HER OF HUMANITY! It is disgusting, inhumane, regressive and insane. RAPE IS OFF THE FUCKING TABLE, TUMBLR, NOT EVEN YOU FUCKING VIRGIN ASSHOLES CAN BE SUCH FUCKHOLES THAT YOU JOKE ABOUT A WOMAN’S WOMANHOOD BEING VIOLATED! 

And no, I am not some lesbian dyke cunt, I am a woman. I was raped. My virginity taken from me, I can never give it to a man I love. I was raped again and again and again and again and again by a random stranger when I was 15, And between you and me something amazing happened…and now I can talk to animals! Its really cool! But totally a secret. And you know what? Life’s never been the same.