My thoughts on Death and Religion.

Death is an oversimplified process. Everyday people die, and yet nobody cares. People in Chicago are murdered. People in Nigeria are murdered. People in Afghanistan are murdered, yet the process is portrayed as unimportant. Humanity faces an existential crisis.

When you watch a war movie, you may notice how easily, senselessly, and quickly people die, but because there are so many deaths occurring in each of these movies, it is as though their lives don’t matter. If one person dies, it’s a tragedy. If a dozen people die, who gives a shit? The more death the better. Kill one, you’re a murderer, kill a thousand, you’re a conqueror, kill a million…you’re a god.

And the insanity doesn’t even end there. In all these movies, almost none of the ‘good guys’ ever die. It’s always dozens of the bad guys taking a bullet to the brain, and when one of the good guys dies it’s always in some ridiculously played out, slo-mo scene where he becomes the hero. This makes people hardened, conditioned, and accustomed to such violence. 

But really, to see so much death so commonplace in this world, it leaves one thinking ‘Where is my place in the world? Does my life truly have any value at all? Or was I meant to be slain at the hands of the “good guys” and seamlessly pass into oblivion?’ 

But surely I am placing to much faith in the minds of the general audience and populous to even allow such a thought to arise in their minds. Death is a useful tool to advance the plot! Violence is great as long as it isn’t real! None of these people’s lives have any value! They’re a different nationality and skin color than me, therefore they are sub-humans!

Frankly, existence is not questioned enough. To exist is not a choice, and then to be brought out of existence due to some violent bloody end is also not a choice, and almost ironic. The universe takes you in and violently chews you up before spitting you out. But the average theatergoer sits thoughtless, refusing to think about a topic that makes them so uncomfortable - death. Once they have accepted they are extremely uncomfortable thinking about death, and mainly because this would force them to think deeply, they move onto the simplest, happiest explanation there is for it - religion.

Whichever explanation is the happiest and simplest is the one most widely accepted. The bad guys go to hell and the good guys go to heaven, if that appeals to you, you become a born again Christian! But of course, only after you have a near-death experience. If you’ve ever wondered why people who have a near-death experience often soon after become extremely religious, it is because they were physically forced to stare the one thing they hate to think about most - death - right in the fucking face. This naturally unseats them and makes them feel very uncomfortable as actual deep and existential thoughts creep into their minds, thus forcing them to flood their minds with religion to wash these thoughts out.

And realistically, let’s face it. No living man has ever died and can tell you what happens when you die, yet they’re turning to a religion made by man to control man by playing with man’s emotions and making them feel good while never truly changing their souls or behavior. Anyone who turns to religion simply because they fear death is a shitty religious person anyway. They haven’t changed for the better and are more or less performing indentured servitude for the religion under the promise of a perfect afterlife while disguising this behavior as truly becoming a better person.

This is idiotic and selfish, and I will explain why. A truly religious person accepts death. It is inevitable. It is a consequence of life. It shadows every living thing on this planet. Every human, zebra, turtle, giraffe, animal, plant, and cell, MUST FUCKING DIE. Even when the scared religious person says they accept death, what they really mean is they accept a nice plush afterlife, even if they refuse to ever admit it.

They are doing everything in their lives to let them into those pearly gates of heaven after they die. They are living to die. Without the principles of religion they become an unprincipled animal. During a societal upheaval, if assured there would be no afterlife, this pseudo-religious person would quickly be breaking laws and committing heinous, mindless, immoral acts for the purpose of self-gain. Their true self has not changed, and has not become a better person at heart.

The truly religious person lives to live. Not out of fear of death, but of accepting of it. The principles laid out in most religions are guidance on how to live a good life without regret. If people follow these for the purpose of enjoying their lives, society remains resilient. All poor habits of society arise either from natural human behavior, or a lack of forethought. When people become apathetic to the futures of their children and grandchildren, or are misled as to what will benefit their children or grandchildren, the society is just as quickly destroyed.

that is all.